Maintenance & Repairs

The Importance of Maintaining Your Lighting System

Expert installation is the first important step in creating a great landscape lighting system. However, maintaining your lighting system investment is just as important. Maintenance of a lighting system can help prevent costly repairs in the future and keep your system looking it’s best. Maintenance also allows for adjustments to your system as your landscape matures.The low-voltage lamps we install typically have an average life of about 4,000 hours – which is equivalent to 12-18 months of life. However there is no written guarantee from the manufacturer. So, to make sure all of your lights are working properly, we recommend a 100% bulb replacement every 12 months. When a lamp burns out, it reduces the voltage draw on the system and causes the others to burn brighter
than normal, eventually causing successive burnouts. A maintenance program with Southern Lights will ensure your system is working properly, looking it best and will help avoid costly and potentially dangerous hazards. Does your system need to be repaired or replaced?
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Landscape Lighting- DIY Troubleshooting and Q/A

Worry Free Maintenance Agreements

Services Provided Basic  

1 Visit


2 Visits 


3 + Visits 

 Check connections X X X
 Check operation of: photocells, timers, remotes, relays, etc. X X X
 Prune shrubs that have covered light fixtures obstructing light output X X X
 Remove mulch and debris that might be covering lights X X X
 Check gaskets for wear or compression X X X
 Clean glass housing and fixture body X X X
 Straighten any leaning fixtures X X X
 Re-aim fixture to account for plant growth X X X
 Check tree hardware and re-adjust for tree growth as needed X X X
 Take amp readings at transformer on secondary and primary X X X
 Take volt readings at transformer on secondary and primary X X X
 Check transformer terminal lugs and cables for tightness X X X
 Re-lamp where needed using di-electric compound (cost of bulb not included) X X X
 Update maintenance log with any new information X X X
 Refer a friend that signs up for new installation & get $150 CASH X X X
 20% Discount on all non-warranty parts (Ex: timers, connections, lamps, etc.) X X
 1st half hr service charge FREE (1 visit) X X
 Reset timer for daylight-savings X X
 Replace Battery in Timer  X X
 Label Zones or Scenes on transformer  X X
 Renew 10 year Warranty on System *  X X
 Re-locate fixture to account for plant growth  X
 Night time fixture aiming check X
 Label Fixtures Individually X
 Create Lighting Diagram w/ Fixtures & Placement X
 * Includes wire, connections, fixtures, and transformers.

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